For people who want to decide how – and with whom – they embark on a  unique cycling and cultural adventure.
You choose the friends, co-workers or family members that you want to have with you for this amazing experience. With your own group, we believe you can enjoy yourself to the max!
Groups of five people or more.

SHE Cycles

Bespoke groups for women.

We want you to enjoy cycling, and we want to create cycling groups in which you feel completely comfortable. We are committed to offering each group what it really wants and needs.

Are you a group of friends who want to enjoy a cycling experience all together? We are here to help you.


Welcome accompanying non-cyclists!
There are many activities and pastimes available where we are based, and visits to Madrid are always worthwhile. For only 80% of the standard  price.

Do you have other preferences or hobbies? You are sure to find them in Madrid! We’ll find what you’re looking for 🙂