Where would we be without culture? We really cannot live without it…
As well as cycling in the undiscovered sierra, we offer you the culture of Madrid.
Madrid… cheerful, sunny, cosmopolitan, lively and open … a wonderful city with infinite cultural opportunities. Here are some of the many options.

Route around the markets of Madrid

Madrid retains strong roots with its rich land, and this is evident in the city’s markets. These magical places – with their varied and colourful stalls – were previously essential for sustaining the population, and they now invite visitors to enjoy typical local cuisine in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Have a look here:


A guided tour of the historic centre of Madrid is the best way to learn about the city, its people and their history.


Madrid is home to renowned restaurants, many being modern with contemporary designs and signature dishes, while others are rooted in the city’s rich gastronomic history. Enjoy the very best of Spanish cuisine – and great wines are a key protagonist.

Roof terraces

You may not see them, but they are there! The city’s attractive roof terraces are an enjoyable way to experience the city from another perspective – with a bird’s eye view!

Have a look here:

Bars, what bars!

Charming, attractive, boisterous… places where innumerable personal stories have unfolded, and that have witnessed the passing of the decades. We rediscover the bars that have always been part of the city’s soul. Madrid’s bars are where people come together to enjoy vermouth, cañas and tapas, time with friends and the life of the city.


A great way to give back to the community what it has given to us is by offering some of our time to those in need. There are always projects to get in involved in. Why not help out during your visit to Madrid?

Walking Tours of World Heritage Sites

We can travel to various World Heritage Sites on our bikes, and then explore their treasures on foot: Segovia with its spectacular Roman aqueduct; Ávila and its imposing medieval wall; Toledo, city of three cultures; San Lorenzo de El Escorial with Philip II’s  magnificent monastery and palace. 



And just relax at the hotel… Perhaps enjoy the spa, a glass of cava or maybe a barbecue as the sun sets?

Do you have other preferences or hobbies? You are sure to find them in Madrid! We’ll find what you’re looking for 🙂